Atlas At Last

by Atlas At Last

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released April 19, 2013

Cassettes available through Funeral Sounds (

All songs written & performed by Atlas At Last:
Nathaniel Hartten - vocals/guitar
Mike Radack - bass/vocals
Jesse Catron - drums

Produced by Atlas At Last & Justin Day
Recorded & Mixed by Justin Day at New Noise Recording, Glen Burnie, MD
Mastered by Collin Jordan at The Boiler Room LLC, Chicago, IL
Special thanks to Josh Clark & Cyrus Fitch
copyright 2013 Atlas At Last



all rights reserved


Atlas At Last Washington, D.C.


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Track Name: Atlas
At least I can still close my eyes. My stomach will turn and be justified. The intrusion of bare feet sucking on wet pavement. Ultrasounds of us all prior to the moment. She told me it was "pouring," so I let go of my tongue. I coughed the empathetic blasphemy you've been taping to my lungs. And how the tides change, tectonics rearranged. My fix of asphyxiation raised. It's crushing how you've stayed the same. Grass juliennes my toes and we're being orbited by vultures and crows. This is a dying curiosity: we're starving ourselves eating jigsaw philosophies. "What a rush this has brought," "it's livened up this town for sure." Sucking pills off our fingers in response to a lack of cures. Ideally a comfortable Fahrenheit. It's snowing in our house - I guess we got it right.
The early morning hours, spoons of regolith and I ate ten. Tapping your foot, nodding your head with my heart. Everyone is people but I'm component parts.
Track Name: Raindrops Keep Eating One Another
Soft peaks cradle given names and struggles swim in hurricanes. I saw the raindrops eating the raindrops today. Hold out our fingerprints, we can't let them dance like this. The scientists cause riots at the sight of a ghost because their sugared sedatives aren't quite falling in rows. And when this snowflake looks just like that one… A burden to the sandcastles, we're stillborn starving. Shipping out for borders now, I just ask to know where you're taking me. I felt the swell of the ocean devouring me.

Track Name: Jagged Edges
My scales don't shine and my eyes are sinking. I'm soft to the touch. There's a hook in my mouth attached to an unraveling thread making patterns with the omnipotent surface. I'm simply unpalatable. I'd die to lie atop an ice sculpture. It was horrible how they tossed away our heads and plucked out our white pin bones, but it's these times I'm told we find are tough and taste like our teardrops as if we've been living in our own torn-aparts. Jar my neck to the sky only to suck in calamity - it's what I need, the need to breathe deep.

With its jagged edges sawed, I thought I thawed you out, but I see, now, that your hands are still cold.
Track Name: Flora
I don't know how I started separating from my body of morals and opinions, injustices and justices. There's a valley between myself - rose petals on a bed of nails - that I toss and turn and get the best sleep of my life on. And I wake up anemic and happy, bloody, sticky. Stop saying I'm so delicate. You pluck my kisses like violins being played right by my ear drums. It's a loss of gentleness; you claim to have left marching in the rain. "I can handle this. You've prepared me for wars; you can see it in my loss. I wear it on my words." Too confused to figure out and lost beyond finding myself, we used to hold hands now we're both left with lefts and nobody's right. I am not a seamstress, a ventriloquist's ventriloquist we're like the shutout offspring of therapists. My skin is paper I can see the sky through my eyelids. "You're ugly," says the queen of me, something about my personality.
Track Name: Malleable
Until you're stable, I'll wade away. If you were honest you would have never said my name. I won't be your cure for a hangover, nostalgia in your coffee cup, or in us growing up and apart. Dismantle the desperate. I will never see clearly your being through your malleability. I'm soft to the touch and I am beginning to see my flaws. I'm so terrified that this is who I will inevitably become and remain until late adulthood and death, but I guess… Until I'm stable, I'll wade away. If I were honest I would have never said your name. God forbid my lips crack at the thought of you wanting me back. Don't flatter yourself - you are my failing.
Track Name: In The Company Of...
Galaxies are born like exploding rose petals. I can't seem to forget about them. I can't stop shaking. I can't seem to calm myself. Through the distance I peered through my kaleidoscope, she was a still life hanging by her throat. Nostalgia bites my neck like you never will. Escape with whimpers until I've distilled. Your eyelashes scraped "it's been too long…" expressions off of me. Thank you so much. Hypothermia. Excuses I'd love to believe. A long cold winter in the company of this degenerative disease.

I wasn't present at this conception. I thought I dreamt it. And now, you'll never shake for me again.